Wednesday, March 21, 2012

While the Cat was away…

With the mischievous Di B running the show in March, the St Mark’s Quilters played.

First up there was plenty of inspiration for our newbie quilters with this beautiful quilt Barb made and quilted herself. Great work, Barb, and cute indeed!


Then, with the more experienced quilters like Moo left to work on their quilts, Di gave her attention to the third lesson for our newbies.

March 2012 SMQ 010

Coffee first, for Maud and Sarah.

March 2012 SMQ 008

Sophie and Judy and Susan made sandwiches (the quilt kind).

March 2012 SMQ 014

March 2012 SMQ 015

And Caroline made a start on the machine quilting.

March 2012 SMQ 019

Looks like I missed a fun day.

What did Di B say, I wonder, that made them all laugh so much? Any suggestions?


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  1. Hi di I think your blog is amazing. I especially loved the photo of Evie. What a gorgeous dog she is and second only to the monkeys. I think that the blog shows a lovely view of our times together and it makes one grateful to be able to see other people's projects. They really inspire one. Gail


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