Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chilly in Jerusalem

No snow, but with the maximum temperature around 9 degrees and the rain falling steadily we certainly piled on our layers of clothing (5 in my case!) for our first day of pilgrimage in Jerusalem on Saturday.

Beverley and Barbara had the right idea.

The rain held off a few times so we were able to make outside visits to places like the Pool of Siloam and the Garden Tomb (not likely to have been the actual tomb where Jesus was buried, but an excellent example, and in such a beautiful setting).

Here's where I felt coldest - can you tell? - on the roof of the Austrian Hospice where those prepared to brave the elements had an absolutely splendid view of Jerusalem.

Downstairs at the hospice we took a few minutes to thaw out before joining the throng in the narrow streets outside.

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