Friday, September 25, 2015


Our St Mark's Quilters haven't been twiddling their thumbs between monthly workshops. Look at this lovely pile of finished quilts!

Margaret made this sweet Blanket of Love with a cute centre block of Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter Rabbit gathered round Mother Rabbit. 

Di B made this one in her favourite colour.

"The S Team" (Sophie and Susan) quilted this panel of owls to make a bright and beautiful kindy quilt.

They also finished off this story book panel, adding jazzy borders to make it even more eye-catching.

Susie was very clever with her free motion quilting and created a gentle 'breeze' wafting those white fluffy clouds on her Blanket of Love.

Another pretty pink confection from Perdita...

...and another, just as pretty and even paler and more delicate.

I love the way Di C has used multiple fabrics in pale lemon to add a little sunshine to this quilt.

Gillian took on the challenge of finding a way to use a fairly uninspiring piece of donated bird fabric. Wow! Look at the result! 

By taking her cue from the bright colours in the birds themselves - gold, orange, emerald, scarlet and cobalt - she's made a stunning kindy quilt.

As usual, the hall hummed with the sound of sewing machines, chatter and laughter as fabrics were transformed, in the hands of our skilful quilt makers, into comforting quilts for grieving parents, tiny bubs, or preschoolers.

Di C, always so methodical, pinned and labelled her blocks.

Wow! A little preparation saved any later unpicking (aka frog-stitching). 
She didn't have to "Rippit" "Rippit"   :-)

Liz was a careful block labeller too.

Sue W's latest mini is looking out of this world.

And Gail was playing with pandas.

Gillian did some heavy lifting and created a quilt that's going to be a favourite with a little truck-lover at The Marcia kindy.

We haven't made these for a little while, so Sue M decided to stitch up a cheery humidicrib cover for the Newborn Intensive Care Nursery at RPA. 
Can you imagine what a difference it makes for families sitting beside a seriously ill bub to see bright, pretty colours like this amid all the medical machinery.

I'm loving the happy look of that polka dot binding Susie was about to apply.

With such perfect springtime weather I thought I'd take a group photo. 
At least, it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Unfortunately the sunshine that was so welcome was just too bright for that perfect shot.
Still,  there's no mistaking the smiles on the faces of our wonderful St Mark's Quilters

But the brightest spot of the day was when we celebrated Di B's 60th birthday!

It was actually the launch of the two week "Festival of Di", the first of many birthday celebrations being held by her friends and family for our generous, warmhearted and talented co-leader.

Happy birthday from all of us, Di B, and may there be many more!