Humidicrib Covers for RPA Newborn Intensive Care


This is the pattern we use to make our quilted, bound humidicrib covers for RPA Newborn Care.

It has recently been updated (again) and now features a square, bound hole in the centre to allow access for the NICView cameras that have been installed so that parents can view their baby remotely, 24 hours a day.

#1 - By Di J

 # 2 - By Gillian

 # 3 - By Gail

# 4 - By Gillian
# 5 - By Di B

# 6 - By Di B

# 7 - By Di C

# 8 - By Gillian

#9 - By Di B

#10 - By Di B

# 11 - By Di B

#12 - By Di B

#13 - By Perdita

#14 - By Di C

#15 - By Gail D

#16 - By Gillian

#17 - By Gillian

#18 - By Gillian


#20 - By Gillian

#21- By Gillian


#23 - By Gillian

#24 - By Gillian

#25 - By Di B

#25 (Reverse side)

#26 - By Di B

#27 - By Gail D

#28 - By Gillian


  1. Hi Di
    Beautiful crib covers, do you have a pattern I can purchase/use? I have a couple of little friends who were born at 24weeks and are real troopers, they have cleared many hurdles so far but have quite a way to go. I would love to make two of these to send with a love bundle to them and their parents in Brisbane.

    1. Hi Mel, firstly may I add my huge apologies! I don't know how I missed seeing your comment/request for a pattern to make these humidicrib covers. By now you may have realised that there is a pattern at the top of this page. I hope you found it, and have been able to make special gifts for those two precious bubs.


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