Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, just look at that - It’s the Cat in the Hat!


Di B’s made a quilt,

She’s been very busyIMG_7685

It’s bright and it’s fun

And it’s not at all tizzyCat in the Hat Quilt 2012 004

The Cat in the Hat

Is the theme of this stunnerCat in the Hat Quilt 2012 005

For little Francesco

It couldn’t be funner!IMG_7691



(Not Di B)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More fresh goodness from the hands of the English Quilters

Remember this lovely Lynne Alchin quilt Anne was working on last year?


It’s finished! Anne’s had it professionally quilted and just needs to stitch down the binding.


Like the rest of us, though, she’s already started on her next project, another Lynne Alchin design.


Rae’s our reigning ‘queen of fussy cutting’ as her hexagon rosettes just keep on multiplying in the most exquisite fashion.



Finally, Lyn was busy adding to her collection of Joseph’s Coat ‘petals’ in perfectly co-ordinated 30s pastels.



No wonder I look forward to our monthly get-togethers Smile


Friday, March 23, 2012

Minty freshness

My little red camera was back working hard again last week when I met up with my quilting buddies, the English Quilt girls, at Robbie’s home.

Our little visitor for the day, Minty, a West Highland Terrier pup, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw all the cleverness these girls had been up to, particularly their hand quilting.




Gail’s started to hand quilt her Liberty print Joseph’s Coat.


Robbie’s using perle cotton and larger stitches as a feature on this happy little quilt for her baby granddaughter.



Jill spent most of last year perfecting her hand applique on her Deauville quilt, a Chris Jurd pattern.


Now it’s all finished and she’s enjoying quilting it after marking her lines with tape.



More to come Smile


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

While the Cat was away…

With the mischievous Di B running the show in March, the St Mark’s Quilters played.

First up there was plenty of inspiration for our newbie quilters with this beautiful quilt Barb made and quilted herself. Great work, Barb, and cute indeed!


Then, with the more experienced quilters like Moo left to work on their quilts, Di gave her attention to the third lesson for our newbies.

March 2012 SMQ 010

Coffee first, for Maud and Sarah.

March 2012 SMQ 008

Sophie and Judy and Susan made sandwiches (the quilt kind).

March 2012 SMQ 014

March 2012 SMQ 015

And Caroline made a start on the machine quilting.

March 2012 SMQ 019

Looks like I missed a fun day.

What did Di B say, I wonder, that made them all laugh so much? Any suggestions?


March Photo a Day Challenge Day 20 - Before / After

March Photo a Day Challenge Day 19 - Funny

Do you think he "meant" "mint tea"?

March Photo a Day Challenge Day 18 - A corner of your home

Regular readers will probably have seen this one before, but I love it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Everything old is new again!

Working on the theory that if I didn't take some stitching to do on the trip I'd be bound to have time on my hands, I popped some Daisy a Day quilt 'petals', some pins, needles, my airline-friendly Clover pendant cutter, and a reel of Aurifil thread into my bag.

You guessed it!

In my bag is where it stayed for the whole three weeks - out of sight, but rarely out of mind thanks to a surprising number of reminders from antiquity.

At Capernaum.

At the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

And in the well-preserved ruins of a palatial house from the 2nd Temple period (more than 2000 years ago) in the Herodian quarter of Jerusalem.

It seems my very modern, jazzy little Daisy a Day block isn't such a new idea after all!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For the Love of Books

Disclosure here - That’s my boy!

I know many of you, my readers, love reading as much as I do, so here’s a heads up on a brand new TV book show – For the Love of Books – starting on the pay TV STUDIO Channel at 8.30pm on Monday 23 April

Yet another TV book show? Trust me, I’ve seen the pilot and I know you’ll love it.

What sets this one apart?

* The episodes are short and punchy, entertaining and full of book recommendations, with no words wasted on airy pontifications.

* Not only are the hosts, Cheryl Akle, Michael Campbell and Lachlan Jobbins, frankly passionate about books, but together they have many years of industry experience.

* There is a warm, positive feel to the conversation, and plenty of humour, even when the hosts disagree (and they often do).

* The intimate set, which could be your neighbourhood coffee shop, makes you feel you’re the fourth at a table of good friends. Hint: make yourself a latte before the show starts Smile

* I know one of the hosts rather well, in fact I’m proud to say I put his first book into his chubby little hands a few decades ago. He has a pretty good face for TV too. Just sayin’.

If you can’t get STUDIO on your TV, worry not my friends. I think episodes of For the Love of Books are going to be made available on You Tube. I’ll keep you posted Be right back