Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For the Love of Books

Disclosure here - That’s my boy!

I know many of you, my readers, love reading as much as I do, so here’s a heads up on a brand new TV book show – For the Love of Books – starting on the pay TV STUDIO Channel at 8.30pm on Monday 23 April

Yet another TV book show? Trust me, I’ve seen the pilot and I know you’ll love it.

What sets this one apart?

* The episodes are short and punchy, entertaining and full of book recommendations, with no words wasted on airy pontifications.

* Not only are the hosts, Cheryl Akle, Michael Campbell and Lachlan Jobbins, frankly passionate about books, but together they have many years of industry experience.

* There is a warm, positive feel to the conversation, and plenty of humour, even when the hosts disagree (and they often do).

* The intimate set, which could be your neighbourhood coffee shop, makes you feel you’re the fourth at a table of good friends. Hint: make yourself a latte before the show starts Smile

* I know one of the hosts rather well, in fact I’m proud to say I put his first book into his chubby little hands a few decades ago. He has a pretty good face for TV too. Just sayin’.

If you can’t get STUDIO on your TV, worry not my friends. I think episodes of For the Love of Books are going to be made available on You Tube. I’ll keep you posted Be right back



  1. How exciting Di! What a wonderful job!
    x Sarah

  2. Wow, that's wonderful. What proud parents you must be. Congratulations. Did I detect his Dad's hands waving about in the You Tube film?? Shame we don't have Pay TV, but hope we can get it on You Tube. What a thrill and a super achievement for your boy. XXXX

  3. Yay! I love Cheryl...she's so passionate about books and reading and always gives an honest review.....that Lachlan is a bit of alright too..I'll be keeping my eye on him LOL...please let us know when we can watch on Youtube!

  4. I hope the show is going well!


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