Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I'm doing a little disco happy dance here because January's Jaybird Mini Quilt Club pattern was one I'd been waiting to try ever since I signed up with Fabric Garden. 

Once again, I love how these little beauties can all be made from the scraps in my fabric stash. Oops, what does that say about the size of my stash?!?

Disco balls, walls of flashing lights, bling and colour (lots of it!) These images danced in my head as I delved into my scrap box and cut out all the tiny pieces, in readiness for another miniquiltathon at Di B's house.

This is how they looked, laid out on the day. 

There are a lot of pieces in this mini quilt - 180 to be exact!

The back of the quilt shows how I simply ditch stitched around each lozenge shape. My plan was not to flatten the individual faceted units by covering them with too much quilting.

I loved making this little quilt, but have to admit that binding such a tiny treasure, especially those chevron patterned edges, gave me a little grief.

I looked at my finished binding for a few days, but finally I could bear it no more and I unpicked the single fold binding and replaced it with double fold.

It's still imperfect, but I can cope with it.

I don't see too many outings in this little quilt's future because it's destined to join my other Jaybird minis on my sewing room wall.

But it was rather fun to take it out for a photo shoot around my neighbourhood. 

Pegging my mini Disco quilt to the wire fence certainly attracted some attention.

- or was it perhaps my happy dancing?