Monday, October 22, 2012

One man’s dog…



…is adjusting to becoming this woman’s dog!

Chester Collage

Chester the Wonder Lab has discovered his inner ‘softie’.

IMG_1122.JPG (2)

After three years of conscientiously avoiding hanging out with us in front of the TV in the evenings, preferring instead to guard us from the hallway, he’s suddenly realised that with the change in ownership his new place is by my side. Gotta love the boy!

So now my beautiful Chester sleeps at my feet if I’m sitting in the TV room (actually on my feet if he can!), and if I’m hand stitching a quilt he absolutely insists on curling up in its folds. It’s a good thing I always give my finished quilts a good wash :-).


Never far from me wherever I go, he’s such a gentle and sweet companion, but still very protective. I’m even learning to forgive him for waking me with a big wet ‘kiss’ every morning – pretty hard to ignore Be right back.

Oh Chester, you’re such a S.N.A.D.* IMG_9960


*Sensitive New-Age Dog Red heart

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Every quilter knows the deep satisfaction that comes from taking a pile of sometimes quite ordinary fabrics, cutting them into a variety of pieces and stitching them back together into a beautiful quilt that warms not only the body but also the heart.


Creating these quilts together with good friends boosts that satisfaction a hundredfold, as St Mark’s Quilters know well!


Machinists, hand stitchers, even quilt knitters, came together last Saturday for our October workshop, a day of creativity and not-so-quiet enjoyment.

Moo had bindings to stitch down as she chatted with Kirstin who’s working on a beautiful knitted baby quilt using fine cotton yarns in citrus tones of pale lemon, soft green, and tangerine along with powder blue.




Di B and Gillian tossed around ideas – at least I think that’s what they were saying!




Gail helped Amanda trim and pin her latest quilt, ready for machine quilting.


Cath had a fresh pile of finished quilts waiting for labels to be attached, once she and Di C had caught up on their news since we last met.


Susie and Amanda, absorbed in conversation, momentarily forgot their sewing too.


Sue’s paper-pieced baby blocks are coming together nicely, another slow-burner quilt, easy to work on while enjoying a chat with Gillian.




We missed this precious girl, but even though she’s back in the States she was still with us in spirit: Sarah Skype-texted me in the midst of the creative buzz, and for a couple of minutes we enjoyed a ‘conversation’ from one side of the world to the other.

My inner geek gets so excited by such things!


It wasn’t entirely about the conversations.

Sometimes there was just the quiet companionship of the shared creative experience as we sewed together, side by side, making our quilts for RPA Newborn Care and the autistic little ones who attend “The Marcia”.



How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along <and sew quilts together>!

Psalm 133:1 (The Message)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hugs galore–you’ve been warned!

1-Sarah Goodbye   QuiltWhen we took these photos of ourselves saying goodbye to Sarah as she flew back to the USA at the end of August Boak and I had no way of knowing the Lord would decide it was time for one of us to join Him just 12 days later.

Sarah was returning after three wonderful weeks here sharing with us the all the happiness and excitement of Ben and Sunny’s wedding, but it was this sadder reason that brought her back to us again so soon.

Having her here for the last month has done us all a power of good. We’ve been able to cry, laugh, eat, drink, and reminisce about what Boak meant to us as a family.

We’ve been for plenty of walks with this beautiful boy.


We’ve even done a little quilting (always therapeutic!) and started Sarah off on her first Cathedral Windows project.


Last week her brothers and I, along with Di B, were back at Sydney International Airport, this time with even more hugs as we sent her off to resume her animal research work.





4-Sarah Farewell Oct 2012

I hope the next time I’ll see Sarah will be when I can travel to visit her one day, either in the States or in Botswana.

In the meantime knowing her wonderful godmother, Alicia, will be catching up with her over there in a few short weeks made our parting just a little less sad.