Monday, October 22, 2012

One man’s dog…



…is adjusting to becoming this woman’s dog!

Chester Collage

Chester the Wonder Lab has discovered his inner ‘softie’.

IMG_1122.JPG (2)

After three years of conscientiously avoiding hanging out with us in front of the TV in the evenings, preferring instead to guard us from the hallway, he’s suddenly realised that with the change in ownership his new place is by my side. Gotta love the boy!

So now my beautiful Chester sleeps at my feet if I’m sitting in the TV room (actually on my feet if he can!), and if I’m hand stitching a quilt he absolutely insists on curling up in its folds. It’s a good thing I always give my finished quilts a good wash :-).


Never far from me wherever I go, he’s such a gentle and sweet companion, but still very protective. I’m even learning to forgive him for waking me with a big wet ‘kiss’ every morning – pretty hard to ignore Be right back.

Oh Chester, you’re such a S.N.A.D.* IMG_9960


*Sensitive New-Age Dog Red heart


  1. Beautiful post Di! He is a stunning pup! Ta for your comment on Facebook this afternoon - I really appreciated it - it arrived about 5 mins after we were given really bad news about the cancer. Your comment felt like a warm fuzzy cuddle - someone cares! Thank you so much.

  2. How lovely .... Chester understands just what will help. I'm so glad, Di. It's really amazing how much comfort dogs and their owners can give each other. love xxx
    Sandie T

  3. woMan's best friend......and incredibly our doggy friends come through every time..... what a constant companion your Chester is.....xxxx

  4. He's a beautiful boy, Di. He must be grieving, too. It's good you have each other. Hugs xx

  5. What a heart warming post! I am so pleased that you have beautiful Chester by your side for company. Dogs have an incredible inner sense of how we are feeling. I bet Chester is missing his master terribly. Sending you hugs and much love at this sad time.

  6. I'm so pleased you have Chester to keep you company! My mum says the nights are the hardest and Chester seems to be the perfect companion!

  7. Isn't he a gorgeous boy! You are both very good for each other at this time, and Chester certainly seems to love his cuddles.

  8. Sounds like Chester is getting you to rise and shine! He's so handsome...actually beautiful, but I thought he wouldn't like that so much.

  9. The fellow you've taken up with is hard not to like! What a sweetie. He obviously knows the job he has to do, and he's stepping up to do it. How nice for you to take comfort in his presence.

  10. Oh Chester is truly a SNAD super Lab!!!

  11. so glad to read that Chester is both giving and receiving comfort. Mysterious ways, Di, mysterious ways. :)


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