Monday, November 5, 2012

Quilting Sisters

I've got to hand it to my English Quilt Group buddies. Not only are they clever, deft with a needle and thread, and expert at combining fabrics and patterns to create the most beautiful quilts, but they're loyal and loving friends - and experts at subterfuge!

This week, when I least expected it, they presented me with a beautiful quilt, and just when i thought i couldn't cry any more the tears flowed again - but in a good way.

More than 2 months have passed, much of it in a daze, since Boak left us. I still grapple with the reality that I'll never wake up to him bringing me breakfast in bed, Chester the Wonder Lab padding along behind him. Chester still wakes me with a kiss, but he's not much of a coffee maker!

Nevertheless I'm finding small joys in life every single day, and feeling blessed in so many ways.

I've treasured the time I've spent with my girlfriends in the English Quilt group, and I'm astounded that they managed to pour so much time, talent and love into these blocks without me even suspecting something special was afoot.

Even the backing lifts my spirits, and is so appropriate given that it's springtime here.

Overwhelmed as I was that they would make me such a gift of love, the very best part of all was the label. Now you know why I cried happy tears.

Di 🌺


  1. What an absolutely beautiful gift, I'm sure you'll treasure it always.

  2. Loved this Di. Such a lovely way of saying that they love you.

  3. What a beautiful quilt, and what wonderful friends you have! Sorry I missed this post, we're gallivanting round Canada.

  4. It's a wonderful gift, Di, and the sentiment behind it is even more special. No wonder you cried. You are deservedly blessed with some wonderful friends. Good for them, and good for you that they're so thoughtful and caring. I hope their gift helps fill your soul with peace.


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