Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Does this make me a geek?

… Or just a hopelessly addicted quilter?

Did you ever love a quilt (or quilts in general) so much you wanted to carry its picture around with you? {Or is this just me?}


When I discovered Catherine Savage’s Quilt My Phone website I came over all goose-bumpy! Not only could I order a case for my DiPhone with an image of a vintage quilt such as the Jane A Stickle Quilt, or many others from museums, but I could order a custom-printed case from a photo of one of my very own creations.

So I did! From this quilt, of course Be right back.

If you’d like to order some neat customised Christmas gifts this year then pop on over to Quilt My Phone.

Better still, sign up to be notified by email of special offers which come along with delightful regularity (thank you very much!).

*** This is not a sponsored blog post, just a recommendation from a very happy customer! ***

* * *

Don’t forget to leave a comment on this blog post to be in the running to win one of three ARDCO template sets to make your own version of this quilt. The giveaway runs till midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time this Sunday 18th November.

Just a little reminder that I can’t enter you in the giveaway unless I have your email. You can either check your settings to make sure that you’re not a “no reply” blogger, and change it if necessary, or simply include your email at the end of your comment.

The following readers are “no reply” bloggers who have left a comment on the giveaway post. Please contact me at - dianne dot jobbins at bigpond dot com to let me know your email.

Cathy (your email is bouncing) – ozzypip – Julee – Maureen – and Denise.

Red rose Di


  1. These are great ... and kindle cases ... and laptop cases!

  2. How cute! I'm a geek because I have an iPad (and use it constantly) but my phone is a simple Nokia which doesn't even have a camera!

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. That is so stinkin' COOL!!!!

  4. Way coool! and very pretty. :)

  5. my email is
    thought it was on my account info
    Love the phone cover...

  6. Look at that!! How wonderful!! I'm giggling because you have a DiPhone, that is so cute!

  7. Wow! For my next case, I'm most definitely getting one of my Twisted Hexagons!

    In the meantime I have some other hexagons on my phone and I love them.

  8. Hi Di, Thanks SO much for ordering a phone case for your iPhone and for blogging about it. It looks GREAT with your quilt design on it!

    Cathleen at QuiltMyPhone


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