Sunday, March 4, 2012

Caesarea Philippi

Banias (an Arab corruption of the ancient name, Panias) is such a tranquil place today, with its springs of clear, cool water, that it's hard to imagine it was once a place where sacrifices were made to Pan, the god of shepherds.

At the time the Good Shepherd, Jesus, came here with his disciples it was called Caesarea Philippi. He and his little band of disciples had come to know each other pretty well over the previous three years, traveling together, eating and living together, and learning from Jesus.

It was here that the penny finally dropped for Peter and he confessed 'You are the Christ'.

The air up here was definitely on the chilly side, and the sun wasn't too keen to shine, but we were excited to press on and see how far the road to the Golan Heights was passable.

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