Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jerusalem-bound (2)

We hear Sydney's experiencing major flooding right now, after days of heavy rain, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who've had to evacuate their homes for higher ground.

It's been a similar story here, with rain in the north causing flash floods in the desert and a dramatic rise in the level of the Jordan River, though fortunately with only positive results as far as we can tell.

Israel always welcomes the rain.

Not far from Jerusalem we managed to visit the place on the Jordan River traditionally associated with John's baptizing of Jesus, and where many modern-day Christians are baptized, usually wearing white robes to represent purity and the washing away of their sine.

No baptisms here today though. With all the caramel-coloured mud stirred up in the floodwater those robes would come out filthier than when they went in. Not such a good look :-)

Richard had to put his hand into the waters of the famous Jordan river.

OK I did too :-)

Helen, Denise, Catriona and Beverley look very relaxed, and excited to be here. But do you know what those little yellow signs on the background fence say?

The Baptismal site is in a demilitarized zone, manned by armed soldiers (such ironies abound in this country).

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