Thursday, March 8, 2012


We've seen so many of Herod the Great's fortresses during our trip, but Herodium, just a short drive from Jerusalem, excited me the most, for its beautiful rounded shape, its views, colours, wildflowers and that spectacular sky!

Up on this hill Herod hollowed out a core like a volcano crater and built a double-walled stronghold. The spectacular views across to the Dead Sea and the mountains of Jordan in the east and Jerusalem in the west were worth the steep climb!

You can see, in this panorama, how the country changes dramatically from desert in the east to the green spring growth in the west.


  1. Your posts and photos throughout this trip have been marvelous! Dare I say, I don't think I need to visit there in person?! I think I've seen it all through your lense! Your photos have been enlightening, and your narrative has been fascinating. I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of your trip. You should have your own travel show.

  2. Wow! It is an amazing country, isn't it?


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