Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jerusalem-bound! (1)

We left Tiberias this morning to travel up to Jerusalem. The news from there was that snow was falling!

On the way we had a few stops to make, the first at Beit She'an. It was another Roman ruin (and we are a little 'ruined out'), but I think we were all surprised by its beauty and state of preservation.

While some of our more energetic friends took off to climb the 180 steps to the hilltop you see in the background of my panorama (above), the rest of us walked the streets of what would have been the shopping mall when the city was known as Scythopolis.

We girls like a shopping mall ;-)

These huge columns fell when it was all destroyed by an earthquake in 748AD.

We even saw the remains of the public toilets - they were all in together in those days!

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