Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Super-cool Sunday

It's Sunday night, we've just enjoyed a home cooked meal of fish cakes, gem squash and fresh boiled beetroot, and now we're ironing our underwear to kill the putzi flies.

After a week of information exotic animal overload and excitement it was relaxing to just put my iTunes playlist on at top volume, bop to the strains of tunes like "Happy", "Riptide" "Corner of the Earth", "Night Fever" and "Get Lucky", and become acquainted with this little gadget.

We weren't alone in the garden as we washed our clothes. There was a camera shy warthog. Probably just as well since warthogs have faces only a mother warthog would love.

A pretty little bush buck and her mate who were quite happy to graze nearby.

This one just stood and watched me, even when I walked back and forth past him.

Families of banded mongoose scurried through from time to time.

Finally the cheeky baboons had to get in on the act, checking out the washing on the line.

Sarah lives in a very basic little house in the spacious grounds of a safari lodge, well away from the guest accommodation. The lodge is currently closed, this being the quietest time of the year for tourism. So in the afternoon, with no one around, we walked down to the river front.

It's ok, Sarah's house is well back from the water where neither crocs nor hippos wander. Still, I don't think I'll be venturing down there after dark.

We walked back via the Nature Trail.

I didn't get bitten by a snake, but I did step on a prickly acacia branch and managed to skewer my foot on a long thorn, right through the sole of my joggers. Not a problem (so far).

You're wondering about those putzi flies, aren't you?

It seems these nasty bugs like to lay their eggs on washing left out to dry on the line, and the only way to kill them is to iron every piece of clothing that will touch the skin before wearing it. If this isn't done the eggs burrow deep into your tissue where they cause boils. Then the larvae hatch and move around beneath your skin causing you grief until they're mature enough to dig their way out (or can be excised).

Nice 😟


  1. Every single item!! Your adventure makes it worth the effort, however!

  2. kind of hard to press silky underthings isn't it? I would rather they dried in the house :) it looks like Sarah lives in a very beautiful place so many interesting things to see

    1. I'm with you on that, Karen. But the sheets! Fancy having to iron those sheets.

  3. My goodness - the things one learns as one goes through life! Ironing a bra could be a little difficult.......

  4. Yikes and I though worrying about lions, crocodiles and hippos was enough, now you have thorn trees and bugs! Still what a great experience, great photos of wildlife and met some local quilters - sounds like the ideal holiday to me!

  5. I have wild life wandering as I hang my laundry, but none as interesting as yours!!! That is one strange washing machine - puts me in mind of the old wringer washers that you had to turn to agitate and turn again to squeeze out the excess water! Looks like you are having a blast - hope you have fun ironing your "unmentionables"!!!

  6. Gosh. Your lovely descriptions of wildlife and laundry make me want to go to Africa.... NOT! It's so nice of you to share the realities of your visit, and teach us (more than) what we want to know about living there. Your Sarah is a real adventurer, and brave lady, I'd say!

  7. And the "stretching" obviously continued!


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