Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Falling on our feet

After collecting Sarah from the border post at Kazungula we continued on to the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel for a final weekend of luxury before going bush.

This was the view from the lawn of the hotel, looking across to the Falls and the bridge over the Zambezi River. You can see the spray rising like smoke into the sky. The locals call the Falls "The Smoke that Roars".

Our wonderful hosts, Rodney and Wendi, left us the next morning, and we set out to explore Victoria Falls. Before we'd even left the grounds of the hotel we came face to face with some of the local wildlife, a family of warthogs sniffling in the garden below our window, and these banded mongooses enjoying a romp.

Baboons live in the park outside the hotel, and their facial expression always seems to say, "You lookin' at me?" 

The Falls themselves lived up to their traditional name of Mosi-oa-tunya (The Smoke that Thunders) and were breathtaking, and completely drenching! Be warned, if you plan to go there you will get wet even on the pathways close to the Falls. 

My shorts were a better idea than jeans, skin being easier to dry than denim, and my fast drying sandals proved preferable to having to spend days drying out a pair of leather sneakers. Even the plastic ponchos I'd packed failed to stop us getting wet through. This was definitely no fashion parade!

We slipped through the lobby back at the hotel trying our best to look invisible. Footsore and weary, we were glad we'd booked massages for the afternoon.

Ahhh, bliss!


  1. you are having fun :) love the falls - and the animals - thank you so much for sharing your adventure

  2. What a very civilised place to stay! Haven't been to Victoria Falls.......but I have been to Niagara Falls.

  3. Such beautiful scenery - lush gardens and bush, animals and the falls...*sigh* so exquisite!!!

  4. My husband has been to Victoria Falls but, since he was on a missions trip, there was no luxury accommodation for him -- just local housing in Kingston!


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