Monday, February 17, 2014

Jumbo jeopardy

Finally, just near the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana, we rounded a bend and finally saw elephants (!!!) emerging from the bush and strolling across the road, as casually as you like.

They ranged from this sweet baby...

To this big bull.

He was not at all pleased to see us! 

He stepped out in front of our car and stood squarely at the end of the bonnet, staring us down. For  a few seconds we held our breath and made no sound. It was not until afterward that Wendi and Rodney told me he could have attacked the car.

The confrontation, which felt like forever, was soon over. 

Having achieved his aim - to show us who is really boss in the bush - he turned away, continued his crossing, and was soon swallowed up in the thick foliage.


  1. So glad you've finally seen an elephant!

  2. glad you saw the elephants and glad he didn't charge the vehicle - I just recently had seen a u-tube video of some people on safari and the elephant charge the vehicle and tipped it over.

  3. Wow!!! What an experience! Sooo exciting!

  4. ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally wonderful!!! That is an awesome experience...terrifying and amazing!


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