Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More creatures, great and small

It's Sunday morning and we've woken to the sound of baboons playing catch on the roof.

While I'm enjoying my muesli and coffee they're breakfasting overhead on fruit from a big tree growing beside Sarah's house. They don't seem to want to sit still, though, and as they leap they land with a crash that reverberates like someone tossing railway sleepers onto the roof.

It's the first morning this week we've been able to have a lie in. Yesterday at the camp it was breakfast at 5.30am then into our safari vehicles for a four hour game drive.

I was beside myself with delight at the effects of the early morning light on both the animals and the landscape.

Baboons on the road, with a single impala.

Nom, nom, nom...

Impala, looking photogenic as always.

Black-backed jackals.

Buffalo emerging from their morning bath.

Crimson breasted bee-eater

A baby chameleon

We kept our eyes peeled for more lions, but though we saw their tracks it seemed they hadn't received our SMS and were otherwise occupied.

Dung beetles on a pile of elephant poo.

These tiny yellow butterflies like to dance over piles of elephant poo too.


  1. Plenty of time to catch up with sleep when you come home......experiences like his are certainly worth getting up early for!

  2. Di, your photos are a "trip of a lifetime", thank you sharing this wonderful experience with us. A photo book on your coffee table will be memorable. You said you don't have much internet access, I do not need a reply......just more photos!!! take care....Annette xx

  3. your trip continues to amaze me and hold my interest - I so enjoy looking at wildlife in parks when we travel and those outside of the parks are amazing to see because they are free

  4. gorgeous photos, I love the impala and butterflies.

  5. More fabulous photos! Keep them coming! Loving your trip.

  6. Simply gorgeous! Yellow butterflies make elephant dung look good!


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