Friday, February 21, 2014

Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls

That got your attention, didn't it 😄.

Tempe has a friend who owns the bungee jumping business at Victoria Falls. So after checking out of the hotel we made a plan to meet them for lunch at the cafe on the other side of the Victoria Falls Bridge, near his headquarters.

On the way we visited the markets, but we were sweet-talked and hassled so much we left empty-handed, with only our photos.

The craft shops of Africa Mall were such a contrast, and the cool courtyard was an inviting place to enjoy a Coke before setting out on the long walk down to the bridge.

How about these cute patchwork elephant cushions?

I could hardly bear to look down at the mighty Zambezi from the great height of the Victoria Falls Bridge, but I'll go to any lengths to please you, dear reader, so I took this picture. I hope you appreciate how hard it is to hold a camera with sweaty palms and knocking knees.

Garth showed us the stepping off point for the Slide, a sort of flying fox ride across the canyon.

And we saw the harnesses for the Bungee, all checked and sorted according to the weights of the jumpers.

We were just settling down to our hamburgers, resigned to the sad fact that we wouldn't see a jump that day since Garth had no bookings, when in walked a Finnish couple and, cool as cucumbers, signed up for the Slide (he and she), and the Swing and the Bungee Jump (he). 

We ordered another round of beers and enjoyed the show. First the Slide, across those raging rapids I showed you from the bridge.

Then the Swing, where you swing back and forth through the arch of the bridge like a human pendulum.

Finally the Bungee where, with a joyful whoop, our Finnish friend launched himself off the platform head first, arms spread like a bird, for the 110 meter drop.

The journey across to Sarah's home on Kasane was ... Interesting.

Our taxi driver, Talent, took us as far as Kazungula, the border post between Zimbabwe and Botswana. Talent was appropriately named, managing to shoe-horn six passengers, and their luggage, (plus himself) into a small 6 seater hatchback. A Botswanan couple was crammed into the back peering out from under their bags, and their little boy stared wide-eyed at the two of us, the only white passengers.

As a concession to us, Talent even stopped twice to show us the elephants and giraffes along the way. Very nice indeed! 

Once across the border, we walked through no man's land, then caught another taxi, and finally reached Sarah's little house in the grounds of Kubu Lodge in Kasane. You might be surprised to know that even this night owl was asleep by 9pm after such a huge day. 💤💤


  1. thanks for posting - I'm still enjoying living vicariously through you - love your adventures - I would have passed on the bungee jumping as well :)

  2. I love reading this and yes - the elephant pillows are beautiful!

  3. You and me both when it comes to bungee jumping! What a beautiful place to jump, though.

  4. I was thinking for a start that you were bungy jumping! I would be up for the swing and the slide but not the bungy jump. I have too much respect for my joints. Lovely photos

  5. You did well with you shakes and knocking knees! I know what you mean, I cannot stand on a balcony of a high rise building! Lovely photos Di.

  6. You most definitely caught my Gorgeous pictures. You are having such a great adventure.

  7. Fabulous pictures!! Looking down on the rapids made me a bit nauseous as I don't care for heights!! You did awesome!!! That zip-line ( slide) looks like fun but scary. I'm glad someone was brave and gave you a great show. Glad you had such a fabulous taxi driver and got to your "home" safely. Thank you for making sure we experience everything you are experiencing!!!

  8. I'm so enjoying your trip, Di! Thanks for the great posts and photos you are sharing with us.


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