Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I give you….. (drumroll) …….Candied Hexagons!

Comfort stitching.


Not much creative stitching going on here over the last ten days, but there’s been solace in the quiet in-and-out needlework involved in applying a binding – a process I always find pleasurable. 


I have to admit I went a little cold on my Candied Hexagons quilt towards the end of stitching together my hexagons, and I still regret the inclusion of a handful of my fabrics.  IMG_8057However my love was rekindled somewhat when I began to applique those little triangles along the outside border.IMG_8065

There are many versions of this quilt around, all of their designs having their origins in a stunner of a quilt made by Frederica Josephson.  Kim McLean made hers in reproduction fabrics, and Kaffe Fassett’s adaptation glows dramatically.  

IMG_8056  Mine was a version of Australian designer Kerry Dear’s beautiful Candied Hexagons quilt from the now out-of-print Quilters Companion #18.IMG_8063

From start to finish this entirely handmade quilt took me a year, including about 5 weeks to hand quilt it on cold winter evenings in front of the TV.  Very relaxing, and a lovely way to keep warm :-))


  1. hi, love your quilt! Mine has come to a stop for about a month now as i got into crocheting african flower hexys, very addictive too. I have done over 100 of these now. I have made about 60 of the candied hexys so far, but will get back to it soooon! I hope mine will get to the same stage as yours, congradulations!

  2. Ohh it was the drumroll that woke me....and worth noting the lovely shot of your quilt on the chair..just lovely and very serene...
    blessings msamm now I am off to is 1:48 am here in Canada

  3. That's very lovely indeed, Di....a quilt to be proud of! You have done good.

  4. It is beautiful...


  5. Di, it is beautiful! :) If ever I stay with you, could I please have it on my bed? :)

  6. The binding is the best part isn't it. Finally the quilt is finished and all those raggady edges are gone!
    Your quilt is beautiful - you obviously have quite a collection of "pretties" and I like the border triangles.
    I made one using Japanese prints - quite a differet result.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, congratulations Di

  8. Stunning! You are SO diligent! I admire your dedication to this project, and am especially impressed with all the hand-appliqued triangles and hand quilting. Goodness! Oh, don't I wish you lived next door so you could encourage me to do the same. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. The last photo, taken outdoors with the chair, is most inviting. All that's missing is a guest chair, two cuppa,s and you and me.

  9. Oh Di! You've finished it! It looks wonderful!

    I'm still slogging away at mine, although "slogging" would suggest that I'm not enjoying the process. In actual fact I LOVE the calm of hand sewing and can't wait to start a new project, but I will finish the Candied Hexagons first!

  10. That is really pretty and I love the colors. Hexagons, I find are addictive but they also get put on back burner a lot. Yours, start to great finish is wonderful. Lois

  11. I am so looking forward to seeing Ms Hexigon in the flesh ... well done Di, your pictures look wonderful - what a champion you are!! Just hope our BowTie quilt turns out as well ... if nothing else it's great fun working together on it. XXXXX Other Di


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