Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beginning to hand quilt my Whirligig Quilt

IMG_7630 Heartened by how quickly I managed to hand quilt Candied Hexagons once I put my mind to it, I’ve prepped and tacked my Whirligig quilt and have bravely embarked on another hand quilting journey.IMG_8097  It’s a bigger quilt (see below with applique almost completed), and I do have several other more pressing deadlines before Christmas, so don’t expect a finish anytime soon, folks. IMG_7820I love the colours in this quilt. They’re a complete departure from my usual style, and they make this quilt a delight to work on.  IMG_8096
I intend to relax, ‘smell the flowers’, and enjoy the journey :-))


  1. Your quilt is really beautiful and the hand quilting will make it shine!
    Sue is such a lovley lady isn't she.

  2. Good for you. Take all the time you need for hand quilting and enjoy the process. It's a gorgeous quilt. You must be extremely proud of it, as well you should be. Lovely work!

  3. What a happy quilt Di. Gorgeous.


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