Friday, October 22, 2010

Bowtie Quilt

When a friend recently asked Di B and me if we’d make a quilt for a Very Loved Person we couldn’t have been happier.  After all, about the only thing more fun than creating a gift quilt is doing it in collaboration with a good buddy.  IMG_7957

Wait, I’m wrong. Having a treasured friend halfway across the world joining in makes it even better! Take a look at this blog post by LindaIMG_7964 Di, Linda and I together made 150 fun and fabulous bow tie blocks on the same white-on-white starry background, and today Di and I started to assemble them (Linda, we missed you!). 

These were Linda’s blocks.


After initially laying all 150 bowties any-which-way on the floor, we stood back, and surveyed our blocks.

IMG_8087  We looked at them through the camera view-finder, and even tried the equally effective but less scientific method of screwing up our eyes and squinting to see the overall distribution of lights and darks and different colours.

There followed quite a bit of this…IMG_8085 And a lot of this…IMG_8086 …before we were finally satisfied with our layout and were ready to stitch the blocks together.

Oh, did I tell you we set up our machines overlooking this view?IMG_8088 It’s been a tough day :-))


  1. Oh how I jealously read through this blog post, wishing desperately that I could join the two of you! And then you showed the photo of your sewing view and my heart lurched. I miss you both, so much! And I miss Sydney. Thanks for keeping me posted with your progress on this quilt. It's going to be a fabulous treasure!

  2. It was I who "commissioned" the bow tie quilt for my very special friend Ian (he's the one in the blog about Sarah's graduation). Not being a quilter I had no idea of the enormity of the task I was asking of my buddies! And amazingly they're still talking to me!! The collaboration & fun picking materials (I was like a kid in a candy shop!), choosing the pattern, watching it take shape, seeing it all stitched together & every time I saw it I found new materials, visiting another Linda who did the quilting, visiting as Di & Di bound it and then giving it to my friend Ian was a joy beyond expectation! I know it's a cliche to say that "Thank You" does not convey enough. But it's so true. I can't thank the Di, Di, Linda & Linda team enough for their skill, creativity and hard, hard work! God bless you all! Liccy


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