Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fluffing about

Temporarily confined to quarters with a dose of pneumonia, I missed the fun of the monthly St Mark’s Quilters’ workshop today, but Di B’s text messages, emails and photographs have me convinced that I missed a great time.

Look what six enthusiastic quilters, plus a pile of these …St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 006 (… and a few of these for energy …)St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 022 …managed to achieve in a day!St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 005 Just what are Michelle and Moo up to?St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 009 Clip, clip, clipping away at all those raggy seams.St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 015 These two new raggy flannel quilts are ready for the wash-and-fluff process.St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 014 St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 020 St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 018 That makes a total of three snuggly, cuddly children’s quilts (so far) from Gillian’s gifted stash of flannels, counting this one that Di B made last month.  St Mark's Quilters 9.10.10 002 Wow! Thank you, Gillian! Thank you, girls! Thank you, Di B for the pics! And thank you, Michaela (apprentice chocolatier extraordinaire) for the chocs! [I notice none were left for me…]


  1. Di, sorry to hear you have been crook and I hope you get well! You should tell your friends you deserve a whole box of choccies to yourself to make you feel better.

  2. Sad that you missed out. Hope you're better soon. Those raggy quilts look fabulous and snuggly!


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