Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee

I confess I'm definitely an 'owl', not a 'fowl' when it comes to my normal sleep pattern, but since we've been here I'm waking around 5am and loving it.

I usually reach for the DiPad and try to compose a blog post or two, but yesterday I popped on the nearest clothes I could find, rugged myself up against the morning chill, and walked across the road to the edge of the Sea of Galilee.

(Oh my gosh, i'll never get used to writing that)

How many photos can this Di take of sunrise over the Sea of Galilee? More than I'll share here, you can be reassured :-))

With only the sound of birdsong and a Jewish gentleman wrapped in his prayer shawl reciting his morning prayers and rocking towards the tranquil sea, I waited for the sun to gradually crown.

And while I waited I too talked with God. I thanked him for our little band of travelers who have become like a family, each looking out for the others, lending a hand on rougher ground (lending a couple of dollars in the shops :-)), and generally showing compassion and generosity. They are a great bunch!

When the sun finally showed itself above the hills of Jordan on the other side of the lake it was magnificent!

I hope you think so too.

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  1. It's amazing to think that Jesus may have stood in that same spot watching the sunrise!


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