Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aussie Creatures, Great and Small

Di B’s extended family has recently celebrated the arrival of a new little bub, Annemieke, and today I’m showing you the very cute wallhanging Di made for her.

It’s a Millamac pattern and it couldn’t be more perfect for the nursery of a little girl, with an Aussie Mummy, growing up in Holland.

I hear it’s pretty chilly and snowy in Holland right now, so who wouldn’t welcome some bright blue sky and sunshine, and some friendly Aussie animals.


Measuring 62 inches x 49.5 inches, it’s a riot of Australian animals, and Di has tweaked the design just a tad to make it as individual as she is!


Mr Kookaburra has chased away that big black bat.




Ahhhh, sometimes I know just how this koala feels Sleepy smile


All those buttonhole stitches are actually done on the machine, though they look hand-stitched. Clever.






Instead of a big hole in the tree trunk, with eyes glistening in the dark (as in the pattern as designed), Di added extra gold-embellished Christmas beetles.




These honey ants are possibly my favourite part of the picture. Di B is not a fan of hand embroidery, but there was just no other way to create these little fellows than with lots of fat French knots. She’s done such a great job of making them look realistic that almost everyone wants to touch them!


I love the bright touches added by the scarlet gum blossom and a lush green fringe of gum leaves across the top of the picture.


Sue Rowles, of Sue’s Top Finish (02 9519 5907) quilted it superbly on her longarm machine with even more gum leaves and gum nuts.


The colourful backing shows off more Aussie creatures like emus and wallabies, and a friendly sulphur-crested cockatoo decorates the label (made by me, Di J Smile).




Gotta love it!

Red rose Di


  1. Wow, Di B, you are amazing! It's stunning!

  2. AWESOME!! Too Cute and very Creative.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! What a lucky baby. Sue did a wonderful job with her quilting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a gorgeous and fun quilt! Each critter is so special.

  5. Oh my! I do, I do gotta love it! So darned cute! I can imagine how much time was spent appliqueing all those creatures. Every one of them is marvelous, especially the honey ants. I understand why everyone would want to touch them. They seem so realistic. DiB did a fabulous job with this quilt. When Annemieke is old enough to understand, she will absolutely love it. Way to go DiB!

  6. Yikes this quilt is one of my UFOs and my boys are 5 and 7 this year, think l need to get a wriggle on! thanks for the inspiration, the end result is great!


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