Friday, March 15, 2013

Catching up on February Photo a Day

Day 19 - I am...

Day 19 – I am …

…living with renovations. Dust, noise and adventures in plumbing. Uggggh.

Day 20 - Where you stood

Day 20 – Where you stood

On the Mount of Olives looking over Jerusalem, at this time last year.

Day 21 - Full

Day 21 – Full.

My ceilings are full of holes right now. This one’s right above my stove.

Day 22 - Makes you smile

Day 22 – Makes you smile.

My clergyman husband pointing out the sign to the “Sin Factory” when we were in Split, Croatia, in 2010.

Day 23 - A Word (2)

Day 23 – A word

Coke! Probably the most recognised word in the world, no matter what language it’s written in.

Day 24 - Cloud

Day 24 – Cloud

Day 25 - On your bedside table

Day 25 – On your bedside table

Just call me a geek Be right back

Red rose Di


  1. Whoa! Those are some serious renovations going on. You must be looking forward to the end result. :D

  2. Many smiles in this post. :)

  3. Great pics! Ah, except for the plumbing and holes. Oh my! You poor dear! I am so sorry for you to be going through that. Mess-y! Glad you have those good memories of Jerusalem and Croatia to recall and appreciate.

  4. Living with renovations -- yuck!

    Great photos.


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