Friday, March 1, 2013

Another week of February Photo a Day Pics

Day 12 - Where you ate lunch

Day 12 – Where you ate lunch. At my desk.

Day 13 - Walking

Day 13 – Walking. With my boy.

Day 14 - Love is...

Day 14 - Love is … Keeping his photo on my desk.

Day 15 - Inside your fridge

Day 15 – Inside your Fridge

Day 16 - Perfect

Day 16 – Perfect. A perfect sunset over Vaucluse Bay, Sydney Harbour.

Day 17 - In your hand

Day 17 – In your hand (actually my son’s hand). Facetiming with Sarah in Virginia USA


Day 18 - Something you don't like

Day 18 – Something you don’t like. Heatwave days like this one a couple of weeks ago (that’s around 113 degrees Fahrenheidt!)

Red rose Di


  1. Another week of great photos. It's fun to see a "Snippit" of your life. Your heat wave and our snow storms are in extreme opposite! What a sunset!!

  2. Pretty pics! I can see why you'd choose to buy store-bought water! Cute bottles. And a whole bunch of lovely people in your life. That heat is really something! Keep cool.


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