Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Photo a Day Digest 4

Fat Mum Slim’s daily themed prompts continue to challenge my creativity and make me more observant of the world around me.

Day 19 - Sign

Day 19 – A sign

On New Year’s Eve the traffic-patrol police abandoned this sign on the front lawn of our church, ready for later when they would block off the road. It made us smile because this is exactly opposite to the way we like to welcome visitors.

Day 20 - Clean

Day 20 – Clean

Thanks to a temporary plumbing arrangement by the builders where all my shower water spills out onto this path in my back garden, my neighbours in the high-rise next door all know that I’m clean.

Day 21 - Working

Day 21 – Working

Working on getting some rest. I confess I’m burning the candle at both ends right now.

Day 22 - About you

Day 22 – About you

Dust! That’s what’s all about me at the moment, from the building works. It covers every surface in the house, and you can smell it in the air.

Day 23 - What you do for fun

Day 23 – What you do for fun

Spending time with my darling Princess is always fun!

Day 24 - Up

Day 24 – Up

Looking up at the ceiling light in my dining room.

Day 25 - In your drawer

Day 25 – In your drawer

Several people who’ve seen this photo have complimented me on having such a neat cutlery drawer, so let me confess here and now this is not its usual state! It’s only neat because I’ve packed any utensils I won’t need for the next few months, leaving only the bare necessities.

Red rose Di


  1. "no entry" is an unusual addition to a church entrance way! LOL great photos.

  2. Di, you have some really wonderful pictures here. I love the irony of the Do Not Enter sign in front of the church. Really gorgeous shot of the light, and I especially love the one of you and your granddaughter. :)

  3. Thank God you have dear Xan in your life to give you such joy. You are amazing with your photos and I really look forward to seeing how you capture the daily theme. Go girl !! Oh, & great that your neighbours can appreciate your bathing habits! haha


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