Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Photo a Day Weekly Digest 3

Day 12 - In the distance

Day 12 – In the distance

Sunset over Sydney’s city skyline, seen from the park where I walk Chester.

Day 13 - Sound

Day 13 – Sound

Hammering in the room next door.

Day 14 - Tasty

Day 14 – Tasty

Scrumptious Sheppard avocadoes, my favourite variety, only in season for around 3 weeks in autumn.

Day 15 - Explore

Day 15 – Explore

Interesting to explore termite damage that’s been hidden in the ceiling, right below my shower recess Surprised smile. Uncovered during the current bathroom renovations.

Day 16 - 9 o'clock

Day 16 – 9 o’clock

Morning in my garden. It’ll be gone in a few weeks, but right now the sight of the old blue bath sitting in the garden makes me smile.

Day 17 - Green

Day 17 – Green

Day 18 - Shoes

Day 18 – Shoes

We’ve caught up now, and I think you deserve a couple of quilt-related posts before your next weekly digest of photos. Watch this space Winking smile

Red rose Di

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  1. It will be hard for you to leave -- do you have any idea yet where you will be going? Are you hoping to stay close to St Mark's?


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