Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Out and about

It's that time of year. You know it. The time when the sun shines, the breezes are warm, and you can at last get back to the freedom of summer clothes. Tragically some of my favourites have shrunk, can you believe it?

I can't afford to replace them so there's been only one solution - get out in the fresh air and start walking regularly.

Here are some of the views I've enjoyed on my walks around the neighbourhood.

This is one of my very favourite walking routes, along the harbour"s edge. Trouble is, I live on that high ridge you see in the background and while I can coast down the hill to the park, the journey home involves a very steep climb.

Sometimes I just walk along the spine of the point, a nice, level route from which I can look out on views like this while I challenge myself to walk at a faster pace each time.

I have a very sedentary occupation, and my relaxation, quilting, doesn't work off too many calories either - unless you count the stress involved in getting points to meet! I'm always conscious of those "fat quarters" (lol) so I must tell you the secret to my newfound enthusiasm for exercise - Runkeeper my new DiPhone app.

The GPS records the route I take, and with my phone in my hand I can see (and hear) how far I've walked, my average pace, and the number of calories I've burned. I can also listen to the playlist of upbeat music I've created in iTunes to help me keep up the pace. Couldn't manage without that beat to keep me moving :-))

Finally, at the end of the walk I upload this information to the Runkeeper website where I can see my progress - or lack of it!

I absolutely can't resist gadgets, and this one has put the fun back into exercising for me. Oh, and did I tell you it was free?



  1. Di, I reckon it's the lack of light in the wardrobes that makes clothes shrink. They don't like being in the dark so they take their revenge by shrinking.

  2. You live in a beautiful part of this fabulous city! I think that app is really fantastic - now I can see that a DiPhone has real uses!

  3. What a beautiful scenery on your walk Di, I think that must help immensely.

  4. Okay... now you've made me feel really guilty for not walking here. But I have the good excuse this morning of waking up to several inches of snow on the ground. I'm listening to a snowblower, even as I type this.

    It's wonderful to see your walking views from both high and low vantage points. Love that diamond-shaped wall trellis! Ah, it's good to get out and see the sites. Thanks for my morning walk. I hope you lost a fat quarter or two along the way.


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