Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love books? You’ll love this!

{Disclosure: I’m writing this post as a Book Depository Affiliate}

It’s no secret that I love to read. You only have to run your eyes down the left sidebar of my blog to see the growing lists of books I’ve enjoyed, both on paper and as audiobooks.

Have you ever stayed awake all night reading a book you simply couldn’t put down? I did this with Australian author Belinda Alexandra’s book, Tuscan Rose. I just couldn’t turn out the light and go to sleep until I found out how it ended. So I read all 600 or so pages in a single sitting … er, reclining!

imageHave you ever driven round the block a few extra times so you could finish listening to a particularly exciting part of an audiobook in the car? Susanna Kearsley’s books have made me do this too many times to mention.


She’s a new-to-me author who writes intriguing historical romances involving time travel, and the plots of the two I’ve listened to, Mariana and Sophia’s Secret, have been fantastic tales of parallel romances in  the present and the past.


And have you ever taken a long walk with your iPod just so you could listen to your latest audiobook without interruption? Maeve Binchy and her engaging characters always have that effect on me, and while I’m reading one of her books I can’t wait to get back into their community each time, to see what they’ve been up to while I’ve been gone Smile



OK, so if that’s you too, and you’re madly nodding in agreement, I feel it would be downright selfish of me not to tell you about a special promotion, starting on Thursday 10th November at Book Depository.

For 24 hours they’ll be announcing a new offer every hour - that’s 24 different offers! Whoopee!

The particular books promoted each hour are to be a surprise – no-one has any idea what’s coming up - and we’re going to have to be on the ball if we want to take advantage of any particular offer because once the hour is up it won’t be repeated (though we can always buy the book at its usual bargain basement Book Depository price, postage free).

Of course these are books of the conventional paper variety, books that will set your little heart racing when they arrive at your door in a couple of weeks’ time all pristine and new-smelling.

So how about it? Simply click on the link here or in the sidebar to start shopping once the promotion starts in your part of the world.


Here in Australia that’s 10 o’clock tomorrow (Thursday) night. I can’t wait!



  1. Ooo, thanks for the heads up; for some reason I no longer receive emails from the Book Depository.

  2. I've listened to a lot of Belinda Alexander's books. I first read Wild Lavender, then White Gardenia, Tuscan Rose and lastly Silver Wattle I see there is a new one called Golden Earrings. I have a love hate relationship with Belinda Alexander. I love her because I can't stop listening, I learn so much about the history of the era, the settings and political times... then I can't wait till I find a new one, she is just such an excellent story teller! But at the same time I am basically a softy and a wimp and can't get the horror out of my head for weeks.
    Did you know she lives in Ku-ring-gai, she credits Turramurra Library for helping with her research in one of her books, when I told them up there they said... 'and so she should she's always in here' LOL


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