Monday, November 21, 2011

Ten things I loved about Melbourne (No 3, 4 and 5)

3. The free City Circle tram. When I was weary and footsore after a day exploring and crisscrossing Melbourne's city lanes and streets (ok there were shops too) this little tram gave me a welcome rest from walking, and showed me some of the (few) places I'd missed :-)

4. Something that's made this novice walker very happy indeed - very few big hills!

5. Patchwork on Central Park at Malvern - 5.72km from South Yarra. How do I know? I walked the whole way there, though I took the lazy way out and caught two trams back. Effie made me feel welcome and I bought a few very pretty Liberty pieces for my stash - as you do :-))


  1. Ooo! Very nice fabric store and I think it would be fun to ride the tram for a while!

  2. Ooo. Could you please pop back there and pick up some of those sunnies prints for me? And that large geometric, multi-colored circle print? What a gorgeous shop.


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