Friday, November 25, 2011

The Holy Land beckons

Back in May I posted here about the exciting 3 week tour that my husband is leading to Jordan and Israel in February 2012 – “In the Footsteps of Jesus”

213a Boak and Di on Camels at Petra

It seemed so far away at the time, but with less than 3 months till we fly out our bookings are being finalised in the next couple of weeks.

Toyota Jump

Tonight we hosted a dinner and information evening for our currently signed-up participants and I must say they are a great bunch, eager to embark on a wonderful adventure together.122e

This will be the third time I’ve visited Israel and Jordan, and I never tire of it.

111 Garden Tomb

If you’d like to come too, just leave a comment below with your email, or email me at and I’ll send you the detailed itinerary and costs, as well as a booking form.

122 On the Temple Mount

Once you’ve walked “in the footsteps of Jesus” you’ll never read the Bible’s stories in the same way again.



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  1. Could you email me the details please? I'd love to go but there's only the slimmest chance...


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