Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Christmas reveal

At the beginning of this month I teased you with photos of Team Di’s latest collaborative project, and now that Advent has officially arrived I can tell you exactly what it is - a Christmas quilt to decorate the table at the entrance to St Mark’s throughout the festive season.

This is the table where we keep the hymn books ready to give out to folk as they arrive for our Christmas church services, so we hope it makes them smile.


We’re pretty pleased with the way it turned out (but things could get a little ugly if anyone dares to rest a coffee mug on our special quilt!)


Shhhh!! Our quilt has a little secret, but don’t tell anybody - it’s made from a cheater cloth Be right back



  1. CHEATER CLOTH?! shhh... cheater cloth. I would never have guessed and was at-the-ready to spill forth with huge kudos and AWE. It's gorgeous! You could try laying a clear laminate across the top of it, unless of course, you'd rather have an excuse to box someone's ears.

  2. That's lovely and bright.....and it's not cheating, it's being practical!

  3. Who would know that it is a cheater cloth. Let it be your little secret. I love the bright colour of the quilt.

  4. Please, Miss, this novice wants to know: "What's a cheater cloth?"

    It is truly gorgeous!


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