Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Morning Glory

It was the kind of morning when even that pesky weed, the Convolvulus (aka Morning Glory) looked good enough to photograph.

I was in a pretty relaxed frame of mind too because I was in Melbourne for a couple of days, happily amusing myself while my DH was occupied in meetings.

The sun was getting uncomfortably warm, so I kept to the shaded pathways on my walk into the city through the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. Later in the day the clouds would roll in and a gentle shower of rain would cool things down again.

That's Melbourne, they tell me - four seasons in one day.

Nevertheless, on this sunny morning with my Runkeeper recording my walk and camera in hand I was in my own happy place.

The gardens were looking their very best.

I had a glorious morning! In fact the rest of the day was a winner too, but that can wait till another post.



  1. What a wonderful time of year to have a stroll in Melbourne's botanical gardens. Your photos are lovely!!

  2. Melbourne is so different to Sydney, I always liked it better....don't even know why! Victoria isn't called "The Garden State" for nothing, is it?

  3. You've been blessed to take a walk through such a pretty place, and it's evident you enjoyed it. I'm so glad to have a glimpse of it, which makes me fondly long for the same prettiness of Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. Ahh. Such beautiful things to take in. Hope your Runkeeper found you slowing down your regular pace. You were, after all, on vacation!

  4. The morning glory might be a weed but it's my favorite weed. :) blessings, marlene


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