Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween hasn’t really taken on in a big way here in Australia, but on my walk this afternoon it did make me smile to see this Welcome sign.

IMG_0109 I passed a few little groups of fairies, ghosts and witches out trick-or-treating, always accompanied by a protective Mummy (of the non-bandaged kind!), but otherwise our neighbourhood was very quiet and not at all scary, being the beginning of summer and daylight saving.

Back home the Princess popped in with her pumpkin bucket - and that sweet smile won her quite a few treats Red heart




  1. haha!! Love that vampire dog.

  2. That sign is just a hoot and a half! And your fairy princess is a charmer. I bet she casts some "wicked" spells.

    Our Beggars' Night was Sunday evening. We turned off all the lights and hid in the dungeon... err, basement. The candy monster within us is too difficult to control, so we opted to not tempt it.

  3. We had only one knock on the door (one more than last year) but it could be because many of the families in our small street have grown up and many of us are grandparents!


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