Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November in Sydney

For too many years the sight of these magnificent trees in full flower filled me with dread because they heralded the start of exam time.

These days I’m  glad I can just enjoy the brilliance of the Illawarra Flame trees and jacaranda trees that are so quintessentially Sydney in November.


I don’t have far to go for this one. It’s growing right here in my back garden


Plenty of trees shed their leaves in autumn, but the Illawarra Flame tree does this at the end of winter, replacing its foliage with a brilliant coverage of flame-red flowers and not a bit of green.


The blue-purple of our jacarandas provides the perfect contrast, and the lovely canopy of this one, growing in a school near us, towers over our garden. (Have another look at the first picture.)

Thanks to Erica’s link, I’ve been able to generate this colour palette, in case I feel inspired to capture the season in a quilt.

Colour Card

The harbourside suburbs of Sydney are an absolute symphony of jacaranda blue and scarlet right now, and ferry companies run jacaranda boat cruises on Sydney Harbour where you can appreciate the full effect.


Even when they start to drop their flowers the blue/purple carpet is so pretty. Here’s a photo of our church’s garden that I took a couple of years ago.





  1. The jacaranda and flame tree are gorgeous aren't they? Out here in western Sydney not all the jacarandas are yet in flower but they're coming!

  2. I love, love, love jacaranda time in Sydney! hanks for the beautiful photos Di.

  3. Ohhhh.... I miss seeing these beauties. The colors are wonderful. A purple lawn would be much appreciated here!

  4. The Jacarandahs haven't started here in the Blue Mountains yet, soon though. I love the purple carpet they create. Youre lucky to have that lovely flame tree in your back yard!

  5. The flame trees are a sight to behold and I notice that they're often shown with the jacarandas in close view as well.


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