Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watch out, she’s a quilter!

The Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, the Quirinale, the Palazzo Barberini, and Castel Sant’ Angelo.  During our four days in Rome we touched base with them all, some for the very first time. Mostly, though, it was a case of revisiting places we’ve enjoyed on past trips, taking in a few more details on a second visit, and reliving happy memories.

On Monday afternoon, however, our plans to look inside St Peter’s, at the tail-end of the day when the crowds had thinned, were foiled when we arrived at the security screening point to see this –269 Prohibited

In my bag, at the ready for any stitching opportunity, I had pins, needles and a border strip for the Whirligig quilt. More importantly, I was ‘armed’ with a pair of scissors!

Not even a chance to visit the interior of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome could make me surrender my favourite little embroidery scissors. Tell me, quilters, would you?

All was not lost, though, because with a storm brewing I was able to snap these dramatic shots of a dark brooding sky behind St Peter’s – just before we were caught in a summer storm.210 St Peters

218 St Peters

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