Thursday, June 17, 2010

At last - a fabric souvenir!

There were squeals of delight (and quiet groans from someone who I’ll not name) when we discovered a fabric shop this morning, just up the road from our B & B.IMG_6974 So I’ve finally been able to find a small piece of Italian-produced fabric to take home.  I’m pleased I found this particular piece because there have been fragrant lavender bags for sale in so many of the places we’ve visited.  Australian Customs won’t object to me bringing in this lavender :-))IMG_7048 Here’s the friendly gentleman who helped me to choose my fabric.IMG_6973


  1. What a lucky find! Well worth listening to groans, I'm sure. It will be fun to see what you make from the fabric.

  2. Di, that's very pretty fabric and will make a lovely souvenir of your holiday! I am really enjoying your travelogue.

  3. Lovely choice, but you only bought one!
    Look at all that treasure in the background! lol

  4. I love this !, I am off to Italy for my 50th next year, now I know I will have to go fabric hunting.


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