Thursday, June 10, 2010

But wait, there’s more - Monreale

Roger’s grandson, William the Second, built Monreale in 1184 as a statement of defiance to the Pope, and the walls are covered in shimmering gold mosaics depicting scenes from the Bible, as well as another enormous Christ Pantocrator (Lord of All).788 Monreale Cathedral 796 Mon Cath

But it was the cloister that had this quilter’s heart beating fastest, as hundreds of columns with carved capitals depict 216 animals, and there are mosaic designs on almost all the columns, made from the tiniest of tiles.

Unfortunately soldiers during the war prised off many of the gold tiles on one side of the cloister, but the remaining ones are a treat to see and photograph.831 Mon Cath

836 Mon Cath

Again, I’ve resorted to a collage to give you as much as I can. The squares are only 2 inches! Monreale Collage Small

820 Mon Cath 821 Mon Cath

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