Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come aboard

521 Lifebouy Let me show you around the MV Aegean Odyssey, beginning with our humble, but very comfortable cabin which our steward, Manuel, keeps immaculately tidy.  I think I’d like to take him home :-)879 Cabin

I haven’t tried out the swimming pool yet.IMG_4658But the jacuzzi is wonderful.IMG_4649 There are two restaurants, but this is where we prefer to dine, on deck so we can enjoy the splendid scenery.IMG_5034 IMG_5147

This was our lunchtime view of Palermo on Saturday.IMG_5146

The Charleston Lounge is a very comfortable place for sitting with a long, cool drink at the end of the day.IMG_5148

And this is the Library, where there are wonderful reference books on history and travel for all the sights we’re seeing.

Library 1 When we have some free time I like to plug my computer in here and work on my photo editing, labelling and blog posts here, where I can watch the sunshine and deep blue sea out the window.

Library 2

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  1. What spectacular sights you are enjoying and what wonderful tile work, although looks a tad extravagant!! I hope you are both lapping up the relaxed atmosphere of "your" ship - your cabin looks quite comfortable and not too squeezy!! This is wonderful to catch up with your adventures and it looks a lot warmer and dryer where you are than here at home. XXX 'the other' Di


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