Thursday, June 17, 2010

And what about the Whirligig Quilt?

I haven’t been idle :-))  I’ve been stitching away on my borders at every opportunity, much to the amusement of fellow-passengers.  IMG_5400IMG_7051

In this hot climate, where day after day the sun has shone for us, the vivid colours of my Kaffe Fassett fabrics (and others like them) seem right at home, and I love the idea that this quilt will hold lots of happy memories of the places we’ve visited.

IMG_5398 IMG_5403 IMG_7050 IMG_7052 Perhaps this will give you a better idea of how I’m progressing with these two opposite borders.IMG_7058 IMG_7057


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I admire that you continue to stitch while traveling. What a great quilting ambassador you are! That bias-striped vine is perfect with the funky flowers and will look wonderful with your quilt center. Lookin' good, girlfriend!

  2. Oh my goodness, just when I thought I would get a chance to get one up on you, I see all the effort you have put into your borders ... and am I impressed. Well done - go girl!! They look wonderful and the fabrics ae just stunning. This quilt with surely be anotehr grammy aware performance. Looking forward to seeing all this when you get home. LOL oDi


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