Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wadi Rum (1)

More than once today I had to pinch myself. I think we all did actually, as we were taken out into the spectacular desert of Wadi Rum where Lawrence of Arabia supported the Bedouin in their drive to overcome Ottoman rule.

Moses, too, would have passed through this place with his weary wanderers on their way to the land God had promised to give them.

First stop was the Visitor Centre where we enjoyed lunch on the terrace with a backdrop of the spectacular rock formation said to have inspired the title for Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

Then the excitement really began!

We piled into some of the most clapped out 4 wheel drive utes I've ever seen and took off into the desert. It was a photographer's dream, but I'll spare you my full collection of desert photos!

Here are Denise, Barbara and Bev rugged up and ready for adventure.

There's more to come!

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  1. Oh, Di, if you think they were clapped out, you should have seen the 4WD we got to use in PNG - we could almost have put our feet through the floor and pedalled like the Flintstones!


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