Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dubai delights

Our long journey to Amman took around 25 hours, but was made considerably more comfortable by having accommodation in an airport hotel in Dubai for the few hours we were in transit there.

Unfortunately our delayed take off from home meant a shorter time between planes, so all my plans for us to launch out and see the wonders of Dubai, such as the Burj el Arab and the indoor ski run in the Mall of the Emirates, sadly stated in my bag.

However a hot shower, breakfast, a little snooze in a comfortable bed, and a quick walk around the block invigorated us for the final leg of the trip.

And there were still the delights of Dubai's duty free shops ;-)
Tonight we're all a bit weary and ready for an early night.

Tomorrow Wadi Rum, Lawrence of Arabia's headquarters and other desert adventures await us!

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