Saturday, February 4, 2012

The inaugural Team Di Beginner Quiltmaking Class

Six brave delightful ladies signed up for the  4 free lessons Di B and I (“Team Di”) will be teaching over the next three months in conjunction with St Mark’s Quilters.

Next week they’ll have Lesson 2 up one end of the hall where our regular SMQ-ers will be meeting, with all the laughter and chatter that’s sure to accompany our first get-together after the summer break.

However, not wanting to overwhelm our newbies the very first time, we gave them a quieter lesson on their own this morning to get them started.

There was laughter…

Sarah and Caroline

…and concentration.

Judy and Susan 1

They learnt about fabric choice and preparation.


Straightening the fabric.

Straightening the fabric-1

And rotary cutting.


All six of our enthusiastic quiltmakers went home with their squares cut out and ready for next week’s lesson when they’ll begin to sew them together. Some of them couldn’t resist laying out the pieces for a preview.

Carolines Quilt

Sarahs Quilt

Sophies Quilt

Susans Quilt

10 out of 10, ladies! Thumbs up

{One of their instructors, being a dill, scored a FAIL in Handling Sharp Objects 101 when she stabbed herself in the palm with a knife while trying to open a new package of coffee. Fortunately no great harm was done, and she was still able to type up this blog post Winking smile}



  1. Fun times!! At least you didn't slice your finger with a rotary cutter. ;D

  2. Hope your hand is better!

    How sweet of you to give lessons to newbies; when I inquired about joining the community quilting group I was made to understand that it was not to be so I could learn to quilt!


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