Monday, February 27, 2012

So close!

Two days ago we stood, as Moses once did, on Mt Nebo, east of the Jordan River. Like Moses, we could see the Promised land, Israel, through the late afternoon haze.

Nearly there!


Beverley - not to be confused with Bev :-)



Once again Omar read us the Bible account of this event. Also in the picture is Richard, our photography enthusiast and artist who plans to paint a series of pictures inspired by the scenery, colours and spaces we're experiencing on our travels.

The huge cross that Catriona, Elizabeth, Barbara and Peter are looking at was inspired by the snake of copper on a pole that God instructed the Israelites to look up to in faith to be healed from their snake bites in the desert.

Moses didn't get to experience the delights of the land 'flowing with milk and honey', but we will very soon. I hope you'll come along too.

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