Friday, February 24, 2012

Jordan's Grand Canyon

An experienced driver and a smaller bus both come in handy when negotiating the serpentine King's Highway through the spectacular Wadi Mujib. Fortunately we had both.

This road was originally constructed by Trajan in classic Roman style in 106 AD, but as a thoroughfare it had been used by travelers for centuries before this. What a thrill to drive along such an ancient route even used by Moses and the children of Israel.

While Salim negotiated the hairpin bends with ease there was a chorus of clicking cameras as we tried to capture the majesty of Moab's hills and the Al Mujib Dam.

Look what Beverley bought from the artisans when we stopped at the lookout.


  1. Thanks for sharing so much of your trip with me!

  2. Lovin' your pictures! blessings, marlene


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