Sunday, June 26, 2011

Having a ball

The ever-generous Di B has just added six of these bright and beautiful patchwork balls to my growing collection of stall goodies, all wrapped in glistening cellophane and tied up with ribbons for extra appeal.


These balls, with their ‘orange-peel ‘ segments, are perfect for little hands to grasp, and hidden deep, deep inside is a tinkling bell.


A patchwork ball, made from her stash of whimsical kiddy fabrics, is Di’s usual gift when a new baby arrives – which makes her very popular with their mums!


I’m having such fun making more and more items for the stall, but with the St Luke’s fundraiser coming up tomorrow, I think it might be wise to stop now, don’t you?


See you on the other side Winking smile




  1. Wow, but you sure have made a LOT of things! I'm so impressed with your productivity! No cooking or clean done, right? Do assure me that you really can't do it all!

    Di B.'s clutch balls are wonderful, as I can testify first-hand. Would you believe that just yesterday I watched Aesa playing with the one given to Tay?! It's a great baby toy.

  2. Wish I was able to come and buy some of those wonderful things! :)

    (Coincidence? My word is blessedb)

  3. I've seen balls like that and they're amazing. They look so tricky to make. The little owls are very cute!!

  4. The owls!! Oh my gosh :D They're so adorable!


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