Saturday, July 2, 2011

OK, that’s enough rest…

Time to get back to work blogging!

The stall at our St Luke’s fundraiser this week was a huge success, and my feet have almost recovered.

We simply couldn’t have done it without the help of Moo and Di B who stepped in to help on the day. Moo also made four baby playmats (hanging on the wall in the photos below) and Di B made six patchwork baby balls. Needless to say, these were all snapped up by eager buyers.



After 2 hours of helping me set up Di B was still smiling Smile



An army of committee members cooked biscuits…


Sewed pretty gift items…


And made delicious jams and chutneys, not a single one of which was left!


The stall was only a small part of our annual Card Day which was such a tremendous team effort by the St Luke’s Rose Bay Committee. Huge thanks must also go to all the ladies who came along and supported us. The entire day was enormous fun while helping a wonderful hospital.

As a result of our fundraising this year we’ve been able to purchase two state-of-the-art water chairs for use in the St Lukes’ aged care facility, Lulworth.

Do you use your creative skills to raise money for a special cause? What do you make and sell? I’d love to know Be right back



  1. Well done, all of you! So wish I could have gone.

  2. I love how you displayed the newborn caps! Job well done! ~karen

  3. It all looks wonderful!! I love the balloon heads, such pretty faces!! Well done for raising enough funds for 2 water chairs!!

  4. Well done, well done. The pictures show such a lovely assortment of goodies that aren't too rough on the pocketbook, yet proved successful being able to purchase two water chairs. It's another excellent effort by your generous team - Di, Moo, Di. Your trio is awesome! Di B.'s looking especially happy and fit in the photo. I like her new, shorter haircut. It's nice to know about all your successful efforts.


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